Alumni Impact – Duane Goodling, Cuba

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Part of what makes Global such an amazing place is its students. We are a network of thousands focused on winning the lost and training the found all over the world. Often times, we don’t get to hear about the … Continued

Hope in the Middle East

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With all the terrible news coming out of the Middle East, we decided this was an appropriate time to share the good news that God is not limited by war or the schemes of man. Followers of Jesus Christ still … Continued

“You Have Encouraged Me”

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Sometime, staff at Global travel in order to meet with those working in our overseas offices. That usually includes National Directors, pastors, and perhaps a government official or two. All of these people play an integral part of Global’s success … Continued

Who Jesus Is

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By Joel and Carla Ellis A family from a Hindu background recently visited a church in North India. They came because of family problems they were facing. The father is a staunch Hindu, and did not want to come, but … Continued

Standing Strong With ICOM

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By: Joel & Carla Ellis Pastor Mukesh ministers in a very unreached city in North India where the people are very resistant to the gospel. Pastor Mukesh and his family face a lot of harassment as some of the few … Continued

“We Are Global”

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Global University is so many things to so many people, it is sometimes difficult to define exactly who we are. Are we a school? A missions organization? Do we train? Do we evangelize?   The truth is, we are all … Continued

Reaching Out to the Forgotten

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As you can tell by reading this blog or visiting our website, Global University has a strong presence overseas. The majority of our mission projects to date have been dedicated to bringing the gospel of Christ and the knowledge of … Continued

The Cost of Following Christ

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God calls us all to give up everything for him. We must stop and think about what that means, though. Everything. That includes money, friends, acceptance, and our comfort. But what if you were faced with the decision to deny … Continued

About “Our Story”

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  Welcome to Our Story.   Global University is an extremely unique place. We are a university in that we provide courses and degrees to those seeking to advance their education. However, we see education as an evangelistic tool and … Continued

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