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Global University is so many things to so many people, it is sometimes difficult to define exactly who we are. Are we a school? A missions organization? Do we train? Do we evangelize?


The truth is, we are all of those things! Our motto is “Winning the lost and training the found, everywhere.” Our goal is not only to win those who have never heard the lifesaving message of Jesus Christ, but also to train those who follow after him. The world needs those who are trained in sound theological principles to lead in their churches and communities. Global University wants to equip followers in every walk of life to fulfill their calling.



This video was created to help explain who we are to the world. We want those who have never heard of Global University before to understand what we offer. We also want those who have heard of us to have a deeper understanding of how we impact the world and the enormous range of needs we meet in the Kingdom of God.



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  1. Gracias Global University.
    En el 2011, Terminamos con mi esposa nuestra Licenciatura con ustedes a Distancia.
    Ha sido de gran bendición, y ha sido la base para seguir evangelizando.
    Dios los Bendiga Grandemente.

    Ludwig Duarte
    Chia – Colombia
    Sur America

  2. This a great video Levi; well done. Was the last scene shot from a plane?

  3. Oretta Andrews

    Global University, you are the force that God is using to drive those who wonder if its possible, and for those who believe the impossible to to run with the callGod place on them. Global University you are standing strong holding many up. God bless you

  4. I am a former student, and have been working to start my own University. The email I received linking me to this video stated the same issue I am finding difficult in accomplishing success.

    “it is sometimes difficult to define exactly who we are”

    While the video is super cool and inspiring, it lacks that crucial definition. The idea of equipping and sending, a phrase used by my pastors growing up, is perhaps too simple for the reality of a strategic effort to do so. The video helps, a lot, and I wonder what the next step is, can any former students take a crack at the difficult task of defining who/what Global U is.

    Much thanks people, look forward to reading your replies.

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